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Programs for Students with Emotional / Behavioral Disabilities

Together we can build bridges that last a lifetime!
Success for many students that are emotionally/behavioral disabled means
bridging the gap between information, resources, and support

Miami-Dade County Public Schools (M-DCPS) Programs for Students with Emotional / Behavioral Disabilities (E/BD) are designed to provide the support students require to access their education.  All M-DCPS E/BD programs strive to address the diverse needs of the students, utilizing individualized approaches, instructional, therapeutic and behavioral realms into cohesive educational programs.

The models include services in the general education environment, resource classes, self-contained classes and special schools.  Specially trained classroom teachers, clinical staff, and paraprofessionals create instruction designed to meet the academic goals for students.  A highly structured behavior management system is used by staff to improve individualized targeted behaviors enabling students to benefit from the learning environment.  The therapeutic component is infused within the educational component and delivered by clinical art therapists, licensed clinical social workers, school psychologists, clinical psychologists, or counselors.  These programs are housed at school sites, off school campuses, or specialized centers.

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